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Insertion into Flows

"When we are able to look up from our daily struggles, we can begin to see the flows around us. There is flowing around and through us; energy, air, water, nutrients, materials, services, and information. These flows create and maintain us and we participate in their creation and maintenance. Every flow interacts with every other flow creating a single pattern of flows.

  • To be conscious of these flows gives us the power to choose how we will place ourselves in the flows.
  • The knowledge of how the flows are generated and maintained gives us the power to choose wisely.
  • To consciously choose to enhance the flows gives us the power to create the world we want."


Designing for labor, not capital

David Braden:

"If the goal of production is a profit in the market, then corporations have a leg up depending on the competency of centralized management, but both coops and corporations are faced with pressure for economies of scale. Economies of scale require substantial capital accumulations.

We achieve the goal of integrated production by designing to attract labor, rather than designing to attract capital. Integrated production reduces the need for capital by production and consumption cycles that occur internally without reference to market fluctuations. Where we are producing for consumption by those who labor, we can avoid market limitations all together.

We are starting with a strictly P2P network structure, but, I am thinking that larger, more complex, integrated production systems will require a more efficient decision making structure. In that case I would favor the corporate model with the difference that management is not charged with attracting capital. They are charges with attracting labor." (

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