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"The Coalition of Artists and Share Holders, a.k.a CASH Music, is part open source tech tool and part web marketing think tank with two primary goals: Connect artists directly with their listeners, and creatively monetize music to sustain musicians in the digital era.

Since its launch in July 2007, CASH has worked on marketing and promotion projects for 46 bands and six indie labels, using strategies ranging from straight sales to a pay-what-you-can model to completely free web streaming of a new record.

After working out an individualized strategy with executive director Jesse von Doom, each band receives a handsome and interactive web page designed with open source code, which then becomes part of a larger CASH network. (While some free CASH tools such as a sound player are already available, its open source platform will become public by mid-year.)

Indie darlings—such as San Francisco’s Deerhoof, for example—have used their CASH site to garner buzz and connect with fans by offering downloadable sheet music to the first single from its 2008 album, Offend Maggie. The band encouraged listeners to record their own version of the song, and then post a link to the song on the Deerhoof CASH site for all to hear." (