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This section will collate information where you can listen to Creative-Commons licensed music, to the new Web 2.0 inspired ways to augment the music experience with Collective Intelligence features, and to the new 'participatory ways' of listening to music generally.It will also look at new ways of producing and living from music, that do not rely on exclusive copyright forms, but use inclusive forms of copyright such as Creative Commons-based, DRM-free music distribution.

Only the first two columns of the Resources section has been ported so far.

See our entry on Music 2.0 for a typology of new music sites.

The P2P Foundation recommends the use of the open and free Ogg format for listening to music.

Prime example of a p2p music site which directly connects musicians and fans for direct financial support: Bandcamp


Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy.

- Tim O'Reilly [1]

We are looking at the first creative generation. The cost of creative tools has gone down. And now you have the ability to share with other people your creation. These two fundamental, solid changes are allowing the younger generation to be actively creative.”

- Henry Juszkiewicz, co-owner of Gibson Guitars [2]


The State of the Digital Music Industry

Conclusions from a 6-part study by Jeff Price [3]:

"In the four years of 2006 to 2009, music purchases increased from a record starting point of 1 billion purchases to the new record point of 1.5 billion music purchases."

"The reality is:

  • More musicians are making money off their music now then at any point in history.
  • The cost of buying music has gotten lower but the amount of money going into the artist's pocket has increased.
  • There are more people listening, sharing, buying, monetizing, stealing and engaging with music than at any other point in history.
  • There are more ways for an artist to get heard, become famous and make a living off their music now than at any point in the history of this planet.
  • Technology has made it possible for any artist to get distribution, to get discovered, to pursue his/her dreams with no company or person out there making the editorial decision that they are not allowed “in”.
  • The majority of music now being created and distributed is happening outside of the “traditional” system."

More at Studies on Filesharing, compiled by La Quadrature du Net


  1. Open Sonics: focuses on news and developments within the Open Music community
  2. Non-repudiation services help you protect individual copyrights, i.e. Registered Commons, My Free Copyright, Numly
  3. Dewey Music is a new interface for's wonderful public domain music library.You can listen to, download, remix, and share anything you see on this site legally and for free.

Key Articles

  1. The State of The Music Industry and the Delegitimization of Artists - a Six Part Series by Jeff Price [4]: The CEO of TuneCore explains why musicians are now making more income than ever before
  2. Eric Harvey: The Social History of the MP3's


  1. Bob Osterdag on Why it is Better for Musicians to Share their Music
  2. Ed Feltein on the consequences of Infinite Storage of Music
  3. New Music Strategies: Twenty things you must know about music online. Andrew Dubber.
  4. Five Alternative Business Models for the Music Industry: 1) free; 2) pay what you want; 3)pay by popularity; 4) subscription; 5)taxation
  5. Magnus Eriksson and Rasmus Fleischer, co-founders of Piratbyran: Copies & contexts in the age of cultural abundance
  6. The Record Industry's Decline
  7. Social Music Overview

How To Articles

  1. 35 Places to find Free Legal Music ; Top Places To Get Free and Legal Music
  2. 25 Tools For The Independent Musician
  3. How To Live an Open-Source Musical Life With Ogg Vorbis
  4. Linux: It's Not Just For Computer Geeks Anymore (Linux audio/music overview from Keyboard magazine)
  5. How To Create Your Web Radio Station: A Mini-Guide
  6. (16.06.06) How to boycott the Music Industry and still enjoy music
  7. Online Music Collaboration: Best Tools And Services To Collaborate On Music Projects - Robin Good
  8. How to start a netlabel

The debate around filesharing:

  1. Is P2P file-sharing responsible for the slump in recorded music sales or does it create demand? Summary at: History of P2P Filesharing Research‎. Excerpted from the Paper: File-Sharing as Social Practice. Do-It-Yourself Access to Knowledge and its Relation to the Formal and Informal Market. By Volker Ralf Grassmuck. Research Group on Public Policy for Access to Information (GPOPAI)2 at the University of São Paulo, for The 3rd Free Culture Research Conference. Free University Berlin, 8.-9. October 2010 [5]

See also:

  1. Report: Mr.Dr. Annelies Huygen, A. Huygen, P. Rutten, S. Huveneers, S. Limonard, J. Poort, J. Leenheer, K. S. Janssen, N. van Eijk, N. Helberger, Ups and downs – The Economic and Cultural Effects of File Sharing on Music, Film and Games. 3-3-2009 [6]: There is no direct causal relationship between file-sharing and the decline in revenues in the music industry. File sharing benefits the economy in long and short term.
  2. Report: Felix Oberholzer-Gee y Koleman Strumpf, File Sharing and Copyright, May 15, 2009 [7] :"According to the econimists of the Harvard School of Economics , filesharing hasn’t decreased creativity neither cultural production."
  3. Report: Mary Madden , The State of Music Online: Ten Years After Napster, 2009 [8] : On the past decade, the impact of file sharing networks produced a very fast musical content dispersion, what has led to a bigger music consumption of it’s different forms.

Key Blogs

  1. Open Media Review: collecting the best of what open media have to offer

Selection from Valentin Spirik:

  1. Dave's Imaginary Sound Space is "A Virtual Playground for Audio and Music Enthusiasts". Has a very good selection of links sorted by categories.
  2. The Future of Music, Media & Entertainment is where "Gerd Leonhard explores the 'convergence zones' of music / entertainment and technology"
  3. Thinnerism a blog on the social music revolution and netlabels

Key Books

  1. The Future of Music. By Gerd Leonhard
  2. Cybersounds. Essays on Virtual Music Culture.

See also: A Bibliography of Remix Culture and Music. By James Boyle.

Key Directories

Find good music through Netlabelism and Phlow Magazine

See also:

  1. Creative Commons Music Resources [9]
  2. Netlabel Directory
  3. Open Source VJ: a collaborative collection of VJ clips and visual works hosted at the Internet Archive.
  4. Directory of Streaming Music Services: listen to music without downloading
  5. Listen to free legal music via the Free Music Archive
  6. Royalty-Free Music

Key Musicians

  1. Colin Mutchler

Key Tags

  1. Music 2.0 tag at
  2. Other tags at
  3. P2P Foundation tag at

Technical Introductions

  1. Producing Music with Linux
  2. How to use Ogg
  3. Guide to Protecting Filesharers

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