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= BarCamp for musicians



"What is BandCamp About? Music, Musicians, Artists, Bands, marketing and promoting your band, booking a tour, dos and don'ts, selling your music online/offline, old guard vs new guard, etc.

There are several goals to Bandcamp. First, to deliver tools to Houston musical artists that will allow them to more effectively practice their craft. Second, to open lines of communication between all members and levels of the Houston Music Community. Finally, it is our goal to cohere and direct the Houston music community towards a path that will allow us to gain national recognition for the talent and expertise of the musicians and genres sprouting up and fostered in Houston.

We hope to accomplish these goals through an open forum and discussion about the music scene in Houston occurring between musicians, artists, the people who service them, booking agents, club owners, recording studios, and the press which writes about the music scene. We additionally plan to hold how-to sessions for artists and members of the Houston music industry to bring us all up to a level of shared knowledge in such skills as booking, recording, merchandising, online/offline promotion, touring, management and licensing." (