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= free and open alternative to Bittorrent

URL = http://dijjer.org/


"Dijjer is a free (as in speech) P2P app that allows the distribution of large files to lots of people with little or no bandwidth overhead, in many regards it solves the same problem as BitTorrent, but with some key differences, which include:

  • Dijjer doesn't need trackers, to publish a file on Dijjer it just needs to be available on an ordinary web server.
  • Dijjer streams downloaded files directly to your web browser, or your audio or video player, as they are downloaded.
  • Dijjer uses "UDP hole-punching" to communicate through firewalls without any need to manually reconfigure them.
  • Dijjer forms one unified P2P network, rather than a separate network for each file, which allows it to scale up much more quickly."