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= ArtistShare is a Crowdfunding site where fans participate in the funding of their favorite artist's projects.



What is ArtistShare?

A place where fans fund the projects of their favorite artists in exchange for the privilege of "participating" in the creative process.

Why ArtistShare?

  • ArtistShare takes advantage of the latest developments in technology to allow artists and fans from all over the world to connect with each other directly.
  • With technology developing at such a rapid rate it will not be long before it is impossible to "protect" digital data from being shared altogether. ArtistShare solves this problem by paying artists up front and allowing the fans to experience the excitement of the creative process. The art industry has become a service industry and ArtistShare is at the forefront of this new paradigm.

A Brief History of ArtistShare

ArtistShare was conceived and developed in the fall of 2000 at a time when founder, Brian Camelio, was working as a musician and a computer consultant: “At the time, some of my close friends – mostly Jazz musicians – were being pushed around by unethical record companies. It made me angry to see my friends being taken advantage of — I just felt like there had to be a more musician-friendly way. Being a programmer, I was also aware of the capabilities of emerging technology and how it would affect the music industry. I saw that there was no way to protect digital content from being shared, whether it’s movies, music, or the written word. It seemed like the future was grim for artists who were being pushed by the industry to increase sales. I started thinking about the situation and tried to envision a way that artists could get funding up-front, using their art more as collateral material while focusing on a previously untapped resource: the creative process and experience. That is how ArtistShare was born. I took my programming skills and built it myself, filing patent applications to protect my software and ideas.” ArtistShare has been growing steadily ever since, attracting major media attention as well as the support of some of the most prominent artists in the music industry." (

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