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Open Music Business Models refer to strategies to make open and free music models sustainable or profitable.

See also the principles of the Open Music Model.


“We are looking at the first creative generation,” Henry Juszkiewicz, co-owner of Gibson Guitars, said last week as he was surrounded by instruments in his firm’s display room at the convention, which ended Sunday. “The cost of creative tools has gone down. And now you have the ability to share with other people your creation. These two fundamental, solid changes are allowing the younger generation to be actively creative.” [1]

Crowdfunding Mechanisms

  1. Assurance Contract
  2. Dominant Assurance Contract
  3. Reverse Bounty

Key Concepts

  1. Creative Commons
  2. Crowdfunding
  3. Money Pooling
  4. Open Business
  5. P2P Filesharing
  6. Revenue Sharing
  7. Self-determined Pricing
  8. Self-determined Transactions
  9. Treshold Pledge Systems

Key Initiatives





Jane Siberry Sheeba Download Store


Open Studios





See also:

Blog entry (, 29.08.06) discussing the business model of SellaBand: "All rights related to the CD tracks, including intellectual and industrial property rights like copy- and neighbouring rights and Master rights, shall exclusively be vested in SellaBand"

Techno Brega, the Brazilian open music scene

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More Information

Title: Musique et Numérique : Créer de la valeur par l'innovation

In-depth report on the innovative business models of online music, by the French FING, at

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