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Directory site for Web 2.0 music sites.



The directory uses the following categorization scheme, see also Music 2.0

Music Services - places like iTunes and Rhapsody where you can purchase or subscribe to music

Music Discovery - places that help you find music - these fall generally into 3 subcategories:

- Social - wisdom of the crowds sites like, iLike. Goombah and Qloud

- Content-based - recommendations based on the music content - Pandora, SoundFlavor, MusicIP

- Expert based - Music recommendations from people - music blogs,

Music Experience Augmentation - sites to make your music listening experience more enjoyable - music dashboards like sleevenotez or Snapp Radio

Playlist Sharing - this includes playlisting sites like MusicMobs, fiql and Webjay

Music Metadata - add to the data surrounding the music - MusicBrainz, All Music Guide, Gracenote (