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"Occupier, Creator and President Jason Samel joined forces C.O.O. of Soundtrack Sturios Maegan Hayward, Professional Actor and Indy Musician Alex Emanuel, and Shirley Menard as Legal Counsel to produce “Occupy This Album”. This work of art is slated to be the best and most comprehensive collection of music inspired by the Occupy Wall Movement. The Album will consist of music from Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers such as Jackson Browne, and Crosby And Nash, to Jamband Icons such as Warren Haynes, and DJ Logic, as well as Devo, Yo La Tengo, as well as so many amazing independent musicians that you may of heard of, and some that we can almost guarantee you have never heard of. Even those incessant drummers from Zucotti Park will be featured on the album. All proceeds will be going directly to the Occupy Wall Street Movement." (http://occupy.org/?p=18)

More Information

  1. Please visit www.musicforoccupy.org for more information.
  2. Music For Occupy