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= a music marketplace where consumers decide what is popular and what music is worth.


The Amiestreet music discovery site has an interesting pricing model.


"More and more online music stores are finding ways to combine social networks and dynamic pricing while playing on the buyer's conscience at the same time.

Amiestreet ... is an online music store that rewards early buyers and makes music discovery even more fun.

  • All tracks and albums start off FREE and, depending on how many people download it, increases to maximum $ 0.98. Great incentive for early buyers.
  • Recommending music to friends is rewarded with credits which you can use to buy more music.
  • Artists maintain FULL ownership of their work and receive 70% of every sale ($ 5 is deducted to cover storage, bandwidth and transaction costs).
  • All MP3s sold are DRM-free and so can be used on any music player without restrictions."


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See also the pricing mechanism of Magnatune