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= Theft Foundation (Fundación Robo). Collective musical project that aims to bring music criticism as openly as possible.



“On one hand, we try to create a space to write other kind of letters, those that involve opening the window and take a look at what happens outside. On the other, we try to dilute, to the extent possible, the concept of authorship. All songs are signed with the pseudonym Robo and launched and shared across the network, with Creative Commons licenses, and are available to download free on our website. Through this fluid structure have passed and will continue joining different artists.”

“It’s time to share the frustration and turn it into political power. Have ready a forceful rhymes may be helpful to us. There are ways and ways to do crack [1]. Better together in the street than home alone insulting the tv screen.”

They have also launched the literary version of the foundation, called Assault (Asalto)."

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