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In this new section we will attempt to keep track of movements related to the wave of square occupations that started on May 15, 2011 in Spain, and continued in Greece and other countries.


Here is some of the coverage via the P2P Foundation blog:

On Europe in general

On Greece:


On Spain:


On Egypt:


Movement Resources

More informations about international actions and strategies here :

  1. our mail: [email protected]
  2. our blog:
  3. our tool:
  4. facebook: Acampada BCN Comision Internacional
  5. twitter: @acampadabcn_int
  6. Main website:
  7. Mailing-List:
  8. Mailing-List:
  9. Radio:
  10. listen:
  11. IRC Channel: /join #takethesquare on
  12. Microblogging: #yeswecamp, #spanishrevolution, #worldrevolution, #globalrevolution, #takethesquare
  13. Collaborative Editors: \
  14. Maps:

Associated Initiatives

Via Bernardo Gutiérrez:

  • Before everything started, there was a huge movement in networks, from Anonymous forums to some networks againts Ley Sinde (Internet law). I was created Red Sostenible and the wiki nolesvotes (don´vote for them)
  • The non comercial network of the revolution is (made with copy left)
  • La Tabacalera is an open code cultural-social center. Everything began there one year before 15M. It is an space ruled by the commons, in the center of Madrid. There is no boss no public money.
  • In the Squares, during those weeks, they created a new model of society and everything was prepared and decided with wikis and discussions, such as Propongo
  • 15M was the first Hybrid Revolution. They created many tools to make the link between the street and the net. See Twittómetro, a tool for voting with hashtags in the same discussions they had in the squares.
  • There is a hashtag called Stopredadas, and in 20 minutes, thousands of people go to prevent evictions. See also STOP Deshaucios and
  • and are collective digital libraries. From the square to the cloud. Every person can add a book, documentary
  • Democracia 4.0, demo4punto, about insuring real democratic voting
  • is a collective book and documentary about 20 people who participated in the movement


Jerome Roos:

"it’s unmistakable now that the Earth upon which they stand is trembling. Outraged at a world that perpetuates injustice and that steadily leads itself to ruin, the people are starting to make a stand. If you listen closely, you can hear their roar emanating from the streets down below. If you look hard, and you are willing to see, you will witness a powerful benevolent force rising up from below, spreading its arms like wings of fire and crying out in indignation at the out-of-touch business class above. They are ready to reclaim a long-lost childhood dream and take to the skies — breaking the laws of nature to write a new chapter in the history of mankind." (

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