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= a hacker group that develops open, self-managed tools for the digital revolution.

URL = http://www.2011.fcforum.net/participants/#15hack


From FC Forum 2011:

"15Hack is a hacker group that develops open, self-managed tools for the digital revolution. In their presentation, they contextualised the role of free culture and free/ software in the early days of the Indignados’s movement and in the current #globalrevolution.

  • The idea is to develop tools that can contaminate and allow people to join forces. We follow the spirit of the Indignados’s movement and turn our backs on the culture of seizing power. When it comes to responding to requests, we are guided by the idea that “if it uses free software, the answer can be yes”.

  • Using the questiontoanswer code questiontoanswer they designed propongo, a platform designed to meet the desire to set up ongoing assemblies.

  • The power of the movement lies in distributed production. From the Basque Country, they launched http://plazan.net a node that can respond to local requests.

  • In the first interacampadas or national assembly, they were joined by more hackers who helped to manage the flow of information, servers, thousands of daily e-mails, etc. The hacker community needs more resources and volunteers! Communication takes place through mailing lists, N-1 and Mumble (an open source, cross-platform voice over IP application with flexible administration – mumble

  • They used the http://ushahidi.com, code, which can be used to report alerts and visualise conflicts, to developed www.stopdesahucios.es, a social website for people unable to meet their mortgage repayments. A highly useful tool that offers the PAH platform (Plataforma Afectados por la Hipoteca) a detailed vision of this dramatic situation.'


More information

  1. video : http://vimeo.com/31747500