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= a public listing of all known Occupation sites built by and for the #Occupy movement.

URL = http://directory.occupy.net/


"The Occupation Directory is a public listing of all known Occupation sites built by and for the #Occupy movement. The directory aims to be a service layer upon which anyone can build other apps. All our data is FREE and PUBLIC in a variety of formats.

The directory data was instantiated from a manual merge of the data from a number of public sources from our partners and collaborators at occupytogether, wealloccupy, The Guardian, and many others.

Surveying the landscape, we saw there were many overlapping, spreadsheet-based, directory projects. We identified a need to standardize the data collected, liberate it from Google, and assist data submission and editing with form validation, editorial workflows, and community participation.

All listings are now actively added and managed here by the community (you). If your Occupation is not currently listed, you can add your occupation here (you'll need to create an account first).

The Occupation Directory is a sub-project of the Federated General Assembly (FGA). The directory is just a piece of a much larger and interesting puzzle that is the ever evolving spec of the new social web we're building! We are actively working to expand our RDF schema at http://vocab.occupy.net in collaboration with other groups.

Occupations in the context of this site are defined as geographically-based. Organizations that don't hold physical space, like Occupy the Environment, or organizations in solidarity to the movement, like Occupy Air Force, will be considered in their own right once things have been running for a bit. We will also soon be adding listings for broader geographies, like state and country-wide "occupations." (http://directory.occupy.net/about)