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= an open, shared space for distributed research focused around Occupy Wall Street / Occupy Together. We are sharing ideas, research methods, tools, datasets, and hopefully later working to write, analyze, discuss, codesign new tools, and otherwise develop theory and practice together.

URL = http://occupyresearch.wikispaces.com/


"What is the current top priority project of OccupyResearch?

1. To spread the word about OccupyResearch to interested co-researchers

2. To create an 'OccupyResearch handbook' with an intro about coresearch, some suggested/model templates for RQs, methods, and instruments, and instructions for how and where to share/upload findings/responses.


Let's see if we can raise the bar on movement/media scholarship by developing some kind of shared/distributed/networked coresearch project as #OccupyTogether unfolds. Can we work together (& with scholars in our networks elsewhere) to develop some shared research questions, methods, tools/instruments for data gathering? For example: for those interested in semistructured interviews / survey data, can we develop a shared set of questions / survey instrument that can be taken to as many of the camps and actions as possible and easily uploaded to a shared dataset? For those interested in Big Data analysis (twitter, news reports etc), can we develop a shared and open data set, visualization tools, and so on? This space is for brainstorming around these ideas, as well as to share research questions, methods, references, interesting media tools and practices."

More Information

  1. Website: http://occupyresearch.net (currently points to http://occupyresearch.wikispaces.com)
  2. Zotero Group: https://www.zotero.org/groups/occupyresearch
  3. Delicious: http://delicious.com/tag/occupyresearch
  4. Hashtag: #OccupyResearch
  5. Chat/IRC: http://irc.lc/indymedia/OccupyResearch/