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= 15MpaRato is a citizen-led legal campaign to end the impunity of bankers, speculators and politicians.

URL = https://15mparato.wordpress.com/legal-campaign/ [1]


Although many other actions may be pursued, this citizen campaign is now focusing on the insolvency of Bankia and Spain’s consequent EU bail-out.The bailout proposed by the government – PPSOE and the Troika, is to sell out a whole country and its people, leaving it no rights, no voice and no bread just to preserve the privileges of a few.

No thanks. We do not need to be rescued. We are no longer for sale. We will rescue ourselves with the money bankers, speculators and politicians have stolen. The message is clear: Impunity is over. In the war of those above against the ones below, fear has changed sides.

The legal campaign:

The stock market debut of Bankia was full of irregularities, including the falsification of accounts and the fraudulent sale of preferred shares to the private individuals. 15MpaRato was able to find dozens of plaintiffs and witnesses in record time and raised 20.000€ through crowd-funding in only 24h. The campaign undertook criminal actions against the members of Bankia’s Board of Directors which are now officially charged and attend trial.

15MpaRato plays with words. 15M is the name given to the Spanish Indignado / Occupy movement (for it was May 15th that the movement burst out). 15MpaRato, means “indignados for long” and at the same time “indignados against Rato”. Rodrigo Rato was the CEO of Bankia when it went bankrupt and the one responsible for the manipulation of its accounts. He was also former IMF chief and one of the politicians responsible of the creation of the real state bubble as former Minister of Economy during the presidency of Aznar (1996-2004)."

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