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= a transmedia, collaborative, copyleft and nonprofit project about the 15M citizens movement

URL = http://www.15m.cc/2012/01/dossier-15mcc-en-ingles.html


15M.cc is a transmedia, collaborative, copyleft and nonprofit project about the 15M citizens movement which started on May 15th 2011 in Spain. The aim is to publish a book, produce a documentary and develop a web site (separate to the website informing about the project). These media will enable users to explore the origins of the movement which, through social networking, has taken root in our society and is here to stay. That is why we have decided to devote a year of our lives to creating a transmedia, collaborative, not-for-profit project, with a copyleft licence (Creative Commons BY/SA 3.0). Next May 15th 2012, the documentary and book will be published and available for free download on an interactive website that will host more related content. After the launch, we will begin to disseminate the book and the documentary through translations to other languages, global distribution, and a presence in other forums, in order to create worldwide awareness of the 15M movement.


On 15 May 2011 massive spontaneous protests across Spain signalled the birth of a movement which was dubbed 15M, after the date, and was also known as the Spanish Revolution. The “indignados” (the indignant) were fed up with soaring unemployment, the ongoing recession and a political system perceived as unrepresentative and corrupt. A year later the 15M movement is alive and kicking and has spawned diverse grassroots initiatives, from campaigns to prevent evictions to a recent crowdfunding which, in under 24 hours, raised the money needed to sue those responsible for the colossal loses of Bankia.

In September 2011 an innovative project was launched with the aim of documenting and transmitting the myriad activities of the 15M movement to the widest audience possible. 15M.cc is an ongoing experiment in collaborative, transmedia and copyleft creation and, over the past eight months, the project has evolved in ways its three founders, Stéphane M. Grueso, Patricia Horrillo and Pablo Soto, could not have imagined.

Initially, the intention was to produce a documentary, a book and a website but, as the scope of the project widened, sister projects in Malaga and Seville were set up.

The 15M.cc website then became an umbrella for a cluster of 15M projects and the original idea of the project’s founders became Madrid.15M.cc. An important point is that 15M.cc does not represent the 15M movement; its purpose is to document and raise awareness about the movement and its rich ecology.


On 6 June 2012, the latest additions to the platform were unveiled. At the fifth meeting of the project’s work groups, held yesterday in Matadero Madrid, 15M.cc announced the launch of new online tools and invited the community to explore them. The design and testing phase have concluded successfully and the project is now fully operational and open to the community.

15M.cc is being developed collaboratively and forms an umbrella for projects relating to 15M, the movement which ignited the Spanish people’s indignation on 15 May 2011. This project has three aims: first, to document and host all kinds of narratives concerning this movement; second, to provide tools so that users can create the story of their own 15M experiences; and third, to transmit the collective experience of this historic moment for Spain.

To make all this possible, three collaborative tools which structure the project, both technically and conceptually, have just been launched and, like all 15M.cc tools, everyone can participate in their development and contribute material:

  • The «bank of ideas» has a twofold function; it has been designed to both store and visualize material related to the 15M movement (texts, photos, audio and videos, all with copyleft license). Users can freely avail of these materials (the only condition is to respect the CC BY/SA license), and can also create an account and upload their own 15M materials to share with the community. What distinguishes the bank from the other online tools is that contributions are credited and not edited, and can include opinions and original material. It is also envisaged that the bank of ideas will provide a kind of wikisource for the 15Mpedia and the wililibro (wikibook). To this end, users are requested to date, locate and tag their contributions, via a simple and intuitive interface. This information will enable the visualization of all material in different ways: a timeline, geolocation, and through a combination of tags allowing users to create their own personalized 15M story.
  • The «15Mpedia» [@15Mpedia / https://www.facebook.com/15Mpedia] is a free encyclopedia focusing specifically on the 15M movement, and it can be used in the same way as Wikipedia. Material should neutral in the sense that it does not take sides but explains the issues fairly and without bias, and should be referenced. 15Mpedia articles could use materials from the bank of ideas in order to build up a more complete body of knowledge. Articles will not be credited and may be edited and the intention is to create a constantly updated body of knowledge on the 15M movement.
  • The «wikilibro» (wikibook) is based on a skeleton or ideas tree which has been created to facilitate participation by the community. The idea is to create a coherent and referenced narrative, which will draw on the 15Mpedia, the bank of ideas and other sources (as long as they have a CC BY/SA licence). Material will include both opinions and more neutral information, but in all cases should be referenced; it may be edited and will not be individually credited.

To date, four 15M projects are in progress:

  • Madrid.15M.cc
  • 15MMálaga.cc
  • 15MSevilla.cc
  • Audio.15M.cc

These projects form part of the 15M.cc umbrella and share three characteristics: 1) they are structured rather than just being a simple collection of, for example, photos and videos; 2) they focus on the 15M movement and the myriad initiatives which have arisen from it; 3) they have a creative commons licence.

Behind the 15M.cc project

  • Pablo Soto (@pabloMP2P) is an entrepreneur and a developer. Considered one of the so-called «fathers of P2P», such as Justin Frankel (Gnutella) and Shawn Fanning (Napster), Soto is a usual panelist at national and international forums and visiting professor at several universities.
  • Stéphane M. Grueso (@fanetin) is a filmmaker. Always interested in film and television, Grueso has developed his career in Spain and Germany. His latest film is «¡Copiad, malditos!», a documentary on intellectual property, copyleft and free culture.
  • Patricia Horrillo (@patrihorrillo) is a journalist. Passionate about communication and social networks, Horrillo has a multidisciplinary background with experience in marketing, design and local journalism. As a freelance journalist, she is working with different online media outlets.