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= Knowledge Against Financial Capitalism

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KAFCA is an event at the Museo de Arte contemporaneo de Barcelona, in collaboration with SCEPSI - European School for social imagination; December 1st 2nd 3rd, 2011


The KAFCA Manifesto:

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KAFCA @ MACBA (Museo de Arte contemporaneo de Barcelona) In collaboration with SCEPSI - European School for social imagination December 1st 2nd 3rd, 2011

The collapse that has jeopardized economic life and is destroying the social civilization of the European countries is an effect of thirty years of application of the Neoliberal philosophy.

For thirty years the Neoliberal strategy has reduced the cost of labor, expanded the life-time submitted to work, postponed the age of retreat, increased productivity, and cut social spending.

This is slowly eroding welfare and destroying the very foundations of civilized life.

The financial class has taken hostage the political class and the society at large, up to the point of the collapse. The first collapse arrived in 2008, after the American subprime crash.

In the aftermath of the collapse every reasonable person was expecting a change, particularly an expansion of the social spending in order to counteract the recessive tendencies. Not at all. The failed Neoliberal philosophy has been dogmatically reasserted, and the Maastricht dispositive, the cage that is throttling European societies, has been enforced.

Therefore unemployment is on the rise, social structures are crumbling, despair is growing, European Union is on the verge of a final collapse. Furthermore, the financial class has not stopped the pressure. The more national governments cut social spending for school, research, transportation and civil life, in order to pay the debt accumulated by the financial class, the more financial class raises the stakes, and speculation aggresses weak national states, so that governments are forced to cut again.

A huge robbery is underway, a huge displacement of resources from the large majority of population into the pocket of a class of gamblers. What next?

In the next months European society is going to fight back, this is crystal clear. From the Spanish acampados, to the Greek protesters, to the London street rioters, everywhere people are preparing for insurrection.

Financial power is destroying the public structures of teaching and learning, and submitting research to private interests, so we have to transform the coming upheaval into an insurrection of collective intelligence.

The cognitarian class – students, researchers, artists, engineers, therapists, teachers – are the most productive force in high developed Europe. They are the heirs of five centuries of humanist civilization and of scientific revolution. They are the promise of a future of progress, and freedom, but they are under attack, because the financial class wants to submit their labor to the speculator’s greed.

The crisis is intermingling with the precarization of work and daily life, and therefore is leading to the problem of psychic suffering of the first cognitive precarious generation.

This is why the cognitarians are the leading force of the coming European insurrection.

They are not only defending their interests, they are defending the social civilization, the legacy of humanistic values, and the pleasure of life.

Our task – as artists, as philosophers, as scientists teachers and students – is to reanimate social imagination, that has been subjugated by the advertising machine, and cramped by the economic dogma.

We call artists and philosophers and poets to imagine a future freed from the dogma of the Dark Age of financial speculation."