Francisco Jurado

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Carlos Delclos:

"Francisco Jurado was an early member of Democracy Real Ya. As what became known as the 15M or indignados movement spawned dozens of autonomous platforms around a wide range of social issues, Jurado’s legal expertise and forward-thinking intellectual production aided some of the most cutting-edge political initiatives in post-2011 Spain. Perhaps the most notable of these was 15MpaRato, a crowdfunded campaign that brought Rodrigo Rato, a former Managing Director of the IMF and Spain’s Minister of the Economy from 1996 to 2004, to court for fraud, money laundering and concealment of assets.

Jurado was also a member of Partido X, a Pirate Party-style network of technopolitical practitioners who proposed a radically horizontal, net-centric approach to electoral politics. Today, however, he works for Podemos in the Parliament of the Andalusia region." (

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