Walk to Brussels - 2011

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"Since they left Madrid in early August, the Spanish marchers have been received in a large number of French cities. Upon arrival in Brussels, they will be joining activists in Brussels for several days of actions, debates and demonstrations. But inspiration from Spain has spread much faster than feet can walk.

Other countries have their own ‘indignados movement’. The taking of the squares in Spain was soon repeated in Greece where activists seized Syntagma Square in Athens, and in Portugal the central square of Lisbon was quickly seized too.

The strength of the Spanish indignados movement is its capacity for launching broad movements, and for inspiring resistance elsewhere. It lies too in its remarkable social and political composition completely outside the framework of political parties and trade unions, free from stifling and formal procedures and with a clear intention of letting everyone have a say. Though activists from many veteran organisations and some left wing parties take part , the majority of the people in the streets do not have these roots. The demonstration in May served as the spark that revealed how quickly the profound sense of alienation from the world of traditional politics, felt by tens of thousands of Spanish, can be turned into action.

It will of course be difficult for this movement to define precise medium term objectives and demands. To succeed in the long term, given the clear connections with the EU austerity drive, it must become a European struggle, with clear medium term and long term demands. For that to happen, many other players will have to join the Spanish marchers and square occupiers. At the moment the EU political elite fear the financial markets, not social movements. To reverse that situation, it takes more than a Spanish movement. The marchers on their way to Brussels, including those joining on marches from Germany and the Netherlands, and those who have chosen their own involvement in the day of action, can only see the 15th October as a first small step, and as a first march to Brussels." (http://www.corporateeurope.org/publications/march-brussels)

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