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ClearBits provides hosting and distribution for open licensed media.

We distribute high quality, open-licensed (Creative Commons) digital media, datasets, and artwork for Content Creators. We host creative content in its entirety, ensure fast, reliable downloads, and enable users to directly sponsor Content Creators and their work.

We distribute content with permission from the rights holders and use the open standard, peer-to-peer file sharing technology called Bittorrent. We have been in operation since 2003; previous to 2010, the site was called LegalTorrents.

  • What is ClearBits?: We're a socially oriented, self-funded company in the San Francsico Bay area. Our goal is to support sharing by Content Creators and to promote open culture in a sustainable way.

  • Who pays?: We charge Content Creators for hosting and unlimited distribution, and have voluntary Supporting Memberships for indivuduals who want to directly support Open Content distribution and participate in publishing, editing, and reviewing content on ClearBits."