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= company embracing an Open Source Hardware approach, makers of the OSD Open Source Device



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"Neuros Technology applies an Open Source approach to hardware and software development. “As engineers, most of us spent our academic careers in an environment where open peer review was just taken for granted as the most sensible way to advance science and technology. Once we transitioned to the business world, we were conditioned to accept that secrecy was a necessary evil,” says Neuros CEO Joe Born. “In fact, experience is showing us that peer review works great in the business world as well. The more information we release to the public, the more our community helps provide us with the ultimate strategic business advantage: better products”.

By releasing proposed specs and involving users in development of a product, Neuros gets feedback from the community’s most involved users and in exchange those users get visibility and an opportunity to influence the product’s development from the very beginning." (

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