Alanna Krause

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"Alanna Krause is a core member of Enspiral, a non-hierarchical distributed network of entrepreneurs, professionals, and hackers using the tools of business and technology to make positive social change. She is an explorer of bossless leadership, innovating tools and processes for effective equitable collaboration. A founder of the Loomio cooperative, which makes an open source app for collaborative decision-making, and an originator of Cobudget, an open source app for collaborative funding, she develops digital and cultural technology for working in a new paradigm. She has also worked on social and software solutions for collective strategy setting, peer-to-peer banking, and other approaches to deconstructing organisational processes and re-imagining them for commons-based ways of living and working. Alanna is deeply interested in business structures and ethical capital for growing social-mission driven, open-source ventures. Born in San Francisco, Alanna has lived in Asia and Europe, and is now based in Wellington, New Zealand."