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= CollabNet is the maker of the Subversion version control system into a line of related products, including distributed application lifecycle management and virtual development infrastructure



"CollabNet, the leader in distributed application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, announced today that more than 200,000 members have now joined openCollabNet, the end-user and developer community for the CollabNet platform and Subversion. More than 20,000 new members join the rapidly growing community each month, and the community’s website delivers more than five million page views per month. CollabNet also announced today that more than 20 products that integrate third-party software, such as Eclipse, NetBeans, and Visual Studio, with the CollabNet platform and Subversion are now available on collabXchange, an online integration marketplace accessible to openCollabNet members. Free openCollabNet memberships are available at, and members can download integration products at"

According to Wikipedia:

"Subversion is well-known in the open source community and is used on many open source projects, including Apache Software Foundation, KDE, GNOME, Free Pascal, FreeBSD, GCC, Python, Django, Ruby, Mono,, ExtJS and Google Code also provides Subversion hosting for their open source projects." (


Glyn Moody:

"These are serious numbers, and it suggests that while we weren't looking CollabNet has quietly turned into a front-rank open source company, successfully straddling the enterprise and community worlds." (