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"BlueYard will be a thesis driven firm; and this is what we are thinking about most as we get started:

  • The decentralisation of markets: entrepreneurs will continue to build networks and platforms on the web (and hopefully the blockchain) that enable individuals and organisations to transact directly amongst each other, while reducing the power of gatekeepers and in other cases creating entirely new markets. We are also excited about entrepreneurs opening up markets to the uncredentialed.
  • The democratisation of capabilities: entrepreneurs have long been democratising technology; that, in turn is democratising capabilities, empowering users and organisations to do things they couldn’t before, or do them a lot better, cheaper and faster. Over time these enabling technologies can evolve into meaningful platforms and / or networks. Even though a lot of empowerment has happened through desktop and mobile internet, we think we are just getting started.
  • The liberation of data: entrepreneurs can make data more free, usable, portable and positively influence the balance of power over data*. We think a lot of interesting things will happen at the intersection of control, value and meaning from data."