Innovation Management and Policy Accelerated with Communication Technologies

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"IMPACT stems from Innovation Management and Policy Accelerated with Communication Technologies. We are experts in ICT-enabled innovation, positioned to support and consult on the adoption of cutting edge information communication technologies to improve productivity and wealth creation in all areas of society and all sectors of the economy. Our expertise is in the analysis of ICT trends and how they can benefit society in general and organizations in particular. Within the past 10 years we have undertaken innovation adoption studies in the telecom manufacturing industry, asset management, real-time inventory, preventive maintenance, transportation and logistics, energy and the environment revealing the dramatic improvement in productivity brought about by the adoption of ICTs in all these areas.

When it comes to ICT most of the fast paced technological developments are far ahead of the yet unused potential for innovations – and this is mainly because the traditional ways of doing things are so drastically challenged by the novel digital technologies, that at the moment the old acts as a roadblock for implementing the technological advances into practice. To mediate this disconnect it is crucial to conduct periodically an evaluation of the status quo exploring the core elements needed to encourage sustainable change as new digital technologies are introduced and grounded in the practice environment.

Motivational factors, incentives to embrace the change as well as alignment with the market demands have to be considered to make responsible decisions for moving forward with the adoption of ICT. We are concerned with measuring the impact which ICT innovation adoption will have on an organization as well as on society at large. Measures for such an impact vary depending on the core competence of the organization. It can be the number of lives saved due to better workflow coordination in a hospital or an emergency response operation, as well as number of increased sales due to better access to customers via the digital environment. We have worked across a wide sector or organizations, ranging from manufacturing and supply chain brokers to health, education, energy as well as industrial technology providers and bring about broad and diverse knowhow in ICT innovation adoption lessons. While we would not limit ourselves to a particular area, we aim to focus on the health, governance and institutional frameworks and green economy sectors." (