Kunlabori Cooperative Business Model

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Interesting governance model from Swedish developers' cooperative

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Technical Development

We will publish all ideas of improvements and tasks from our customers and suggestions on our development site.

1. The suggestions will be rated and commented, and the best ones will be a moved to the Technical Decision Making Conference. Tasks payed for by customers orders will move there automatically.

2. In the Technical Decision Making Conference we will estimate the number of consultant hours needed to solve each task, finally decide if the task will be accepted or not, if it fits the overall software architecture, decide its priority and who will do it.

3. Some of the urgent tasks will be solved by our steadily employed programmers, or on the urgency/high priority list, but most of them will be auctioned out on the open task list . Here all programmers who are interested can apply to solve each task, and the one who first gives in an acceptable solution will receive an gratification in time units.

Business Decision Making

All major business decisions will be made by a similar decision making structure, using the Kunlabori Sequential Decision Making Model

The Time Units

Each time unit corresponds to one hour of approved consultation work for Kunlabori.

Each task on the task list will have a value in time units attached before it is auctioned out, so that everyone interested knows how much he will receive before he starts working on the task. Everyone working on a task has to announce it to the others in order to avoid unnecessary loss of energy due to too many people working on the same task. The time units are not literally meant to measure working time. One person might be able to solve a task estimated to 20 time units in two hours, and he will still receive twenty time units. Very boring, or very urgent tasks can also be higher prized this way, using the supply and demand principle. The reason for this name time units is to keep perspective on the work done.

The Decision Making Shares

All the major decisions in the Kunlabori Collaborative will be made by the Decision Making Share owners with the use of the Nornorna system. Even the technical decisions, as in Technical Decision Making Conference.

Those not so interested in technology can take use of our delegated voting system

The Decision Making Share Units are personal and cannot be sold on the open market. They are related to your total time unit turnover in the system in the latest years, and will decline with time after a certain period, so that only the presently active people are part of the decisions.

This means we can have a big number of programmers and other people working as independent consultants with the Kunlabori Collaborative without any financial risks or unforeseen costs and an extremely small amount of bureaucracy and overhead costs! We believe this business concept will be very hard to beat!

Role of Customers

Customers also invited!

For every consultant hour they buy from us, they will receive a decision making share! This means that everyone who puts money in developing free software for the benefit of all mankind will also have the possibility influence the future development of the software and the whole collaborative!

Participation in the decision making process can also be rewarded by time units.