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URL = http://fabricatorz.com/


"The Fabricatorz is an “open” production company specializing in Open Source Software, Creative Commons licenses/technology, growing on-line and off-line communities in San Francisco and China.

The company builds upon the current roster of fabricatorz’ skillsets. The company currently consists of Jon Phillips with 15+ years of experience in new media production, the software industry, building communities and free/open software development. Brad Phillips delivers with his general production magic and a specific skillset in mobile development, 3D design and virtual reality production. In 2010, the team is building upon the skillsets of publisher Christopher Adams, hacker Bassel Safadi, media technologist Barry Threw, and features security expert Nicky Bourque and writer Spencer Young. The company has offices in San Francisco, Guangzhou and Beijing in order to serve as local interface for many forms of creative production. In these locations the team scales with new employees, adapting to each project." (http://fabricatorz.com/about/)