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= "Adafruit Industries is a small company that sells kits and parts for original, open source hardware electronics projects featured on as well as other cool open source tronix that I think are interesting and well-made." [1]



"In a light-filled loft in lower Manhattan, a dozen young workers stuff tiny circuit boards and empty Altoids cans into plastic bags. These will be packed into kits and shipped to do-it-yourselfers worldwide, who use the components to create homemade smartphone chargers. The loft, a former Wall Street trading floor, is the headquarters of Adafruit Industries, an electronics distributor that last year sold $5 million worth of Altoids kits, TV-B-Gones (remotes guaranteed to silence any television), and hundreds of other oddball products. Coming soon: a wired video jacket that plays movies and jewelry embedded with pulsating LED lights. “Over the last year, we’ve doubled in revenue; in number of products, we’ve quadrupled,” says Phillip Torrone, creative director of the seven-year-old company.

Adafruit is one of hundreds of growing ventures in the U.S. that belong to the so-called Maker Movement."