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Bubblehunt — is the common-based web search platform, where every user can create own search system for interesting resources. Use global and @local search. Add to request «@« and you will get results from information space that you need. Create private search for your bookmarks, thematic search for your audience, intranet for your company or knowledge base for your team. Platform is free.


Bubblehunt's global results (on main page) are a compilation of selected by users resources and services. This search platform adapting search for collaborative and sharing economy, where every user can be independent information provider, like miniGoogle and provide own opinion about any topic. On this platform users creating “bubbles” — information spaces with interesting and useful resources.


Full text search

All resources that selected by users go to queue and indexing by crawler. This help people to create own information space, where they collected useful links and get search for selected information.

Bubbles (directories )

On Bubblehunt every user can create own “bubble” — information space with search for most interesting, useful resources.

@local operator

On Bubblehunt users can search global and in @local spaces. Every user get @username - and this help to find information with selected user: "design @username".

PeopleRank 1.0

Algorithm that selected most relevant users and resources for your request.


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