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Jon Husband of the Wirearchy website,

offers clearly P2P-inspired consultancy:

"I offer services that deal proactively with our increasingly interactive hyperlinked environment

Strategic Advisor - I have been a strategic advisor, researcher, and thought leader for selected clients in the media, arts and technology areas over the past half-decade.

I am co-founder of a software company involved in the blogging and online advertising domains.

I also have a background in executive coaching, and will work with open-minded and progressive leaders willing to question, learn and grow.

Speaker - I have spoken at various North American and international conferences and summits.

I focus on the workplace of the future, leadership in a wired world, participatory democracy, and ways to think and act strategically in an environment of constant interaction.

Management Workshops - What does managing effectively mean, in an interconnected hyperlinked workplace ? What does management mean when access to information is ubiquitous, when boundaries are transparent and there are continuous flows of information and knowledge ?

I can help management teams think through these issues and develop practical approaches to coping with this enormous challenge.

Blogging in Organizations - With many years of organizational consulting, and 4 solid years of blogging, I can help organizations decide whether to get into blogging ... the whys, whens, hows and what-to-do's.

Interested in knowing more ? Contact me: jonhusband AT or 604-689-1671" (