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= companies consulting on Open Innovation like NineSigma, InnoCentive,, IdeaCrossing, or Hyve



1. Service Approaches

"We distinguish three main service approaches for open innovation – managing communities, providing special (social) software, or operating as an open innovation consulting agency. The community approach is the predominant service offered among all surveyed OIAs (84%). Yet we find combinations. In 37% of the cases the accelerators tend to offer a minimum two different approaches. About 44% of the surveyed OIAs are mainly consultants and community managers. 43% of all OIAs run competitions (mostly idea contests). Nearly 34% of the accelerators apply workshops (mostly brainstorming), often of different workshop types. Most of the OIAs offer tools and methods from several categories to accomplish their services." (

2. Profit Models

"We find five different approaches for structuring the OIAs’ profit models: Charging a product license fee, billing person days, a subscription based model, charging a service or success fee, or demanding a posting fee. Prices float within a wide range. The overall minimum stated in our survey is $15 for an account, the maximum $400,000 for a consulting project. In average, an open innovation accelerator asks $25,000 for one project." (

More Information

Report: The Market for Open Innovation. [1]