Compendium for the Civic Economy

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* Report: Compendium for the civic economy. What the Big Society should learn from 25 trailblazers. OO / , 2011.


"a civic economy is emerging, one which is fundamentally both open and social. it's an economy which is fusing the culture of web 2.0 with civic purpose."


"Against the context of rapid economic, social and environmental change, a collective reflection is taking place on how to build more sustainable routes to share prosperity. In the meantime, an increasing number and wide range of change-makers have already found ways to imagine and grow a different economy in our cities, towns, neighbourhoods and villages.This publication presents 25 case studies of the civic economy - rooted in age-old traditions of the associational economy but using new organising tactics, ways of connecting with people and approaches to collaborative investment.

They show that the civic economy is already a real, vital and growing part of many places, which actively contributes to community resilience, everyday innovation and shared prosperity. They also reveal how local leaders - that is, all those working together to improve places and their economies, whether in the public, private or third sector - can create the fertile ground for the civic economy to flourish and grow. Most importantly, the remarkable achievements of these 25 trailblazers show why we need to get better at understanding and recognising the role of civic entrepreneurship and enable it to turn ideas into action and impact." (

Case Studies

16-21 #01 Arcola Theatre 168-171 Lessons learned 22-27 #02 Baisikeli 172-173 A Recognising the protagonists 28-33 #03 Brixton Village 174-175 B Participation beyond consultation 34-39 #04 Bromley by Bow Centre 176-177 C Financial co-investment 40-45 #05 Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. 178-179 D Re-using existing assets 46-51 #06 Fab Lab Manchester 180-181 E The experience of place 52-57 #07 Fintry Development Trust 182-183 F An open-ended approach 58-63 #08 The George and Dragon 184-185 G Generating change through networks 64-69 #09 Household Energy Services 186-187 H Recognising where value lies 70-75 #10 The Hub Islington 189 Building a civic economy future 76-81 #11 Hørsholm Waste-to-Energy 82-87 #12 Incredible Edible Todmorden 192-193 Photographs 88-93 #13 Jayride 194 The 00:/ project team 94-99 #14 Livity 195 Acknowledgements 100-105 #15 Museum of East Anglian Life 106-111 #16 Neil Sutherland Architects 112-117 #17 Nottingham University Hospitals 118-123 #18 Olinda Psychiatric Hospital 124-129 #19 One Love City 130-135 #20 The People's Supermarket 136-141 #21 Rutland Telecom 142-147 #22 Southwark Circle 148-153 #23 Studio Hergebruik 154-159 #24 TCHO 160-165 #25 Tübingen User-led Housing