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= "Guerrilla Translation was created to share ideas between communities and to allow translation, which has become heavily corporatised, to share the values inherent in collaborative art and creativity". [1]



"A traditional translation agency exists primarily to make a profit, where the language adaptation of source material carries a specific sort of value – financial – regardless of whether sharing the translated material will have any social value. Obviously, it is not a given that this material will be freely shared for anyone to access.

Guerrilla Translation aims to create value by virtue of connection.

Why “Guerrilla”? Because “Guerrilla” and “P2P” imply partnership and participation. The end result of our work is not a product to be pushed, paid for and forgotten. If a translator is working in our collective, it’s a given that they’re on board with the subjects we approach, as part of the audience. This enthusiasm naturally leads to promoting the work, and to suggesting other projects. As the term “Guerrilla” also implies, our tactics as translators include adaptability, mobility, diversity, integrity, and working for a beneficial cause. Being a P2P service, and using the technology available today, we enjoy both the lack of urgent, money-driven deadlines and the tools to complete work quickly and accurately.

Guerrilla Translation seeks out its partnerships (rather than “clients”) based on qualitative and socially relevant criteria, and encourages being approached in the same way." (