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Question: where does Mass Customization stop and real Co-Creation / Co-Design start?


List compiled from

  1. Blank Label- co-created dress shirts (style the collar, cuff, placket and really make it your own)
  2. chocri- co-created chocolate bars (pick your favorite chocolate base and mix in the toppings you love!)
  3. Spreadshirt - co-created t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies (add graphics or text and get it personalized for you)
  4. LaudiVidni- co-created handbags (for the woman that really knows style and is tired of the monotonous Coach and LV bags)
  5. Gemvara- co-created jewelry (one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry with 16 different gem varieties and eight precious metal choices)
  6. Shoes of Prey- co-created women's shoes (style the heel (or no heel), tor, fabric, color andembellishments)
  7. Wagner Skis- co-created skis andsnowboards (uniquely suited to your style, strength, weight and mission profile)
  8. Gemkitty- co-created jewelry (customize semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Choose from seven necklace, five earring styles and hundreds of gemstones)
  9. Snaptotes- co-created totes (add photos to your bags to further cherish the memories)
  10. Element Bars- co-created nutrition bars (energy and protein bars with the ingredients you favor)
  11. YouBars-co-created protein bars, shakes, trail mix, cookies and cereal (mix the ingredients you love and need)
  12. Red Moon Pet Food-co-created pet food (for that particular pet with a special diet or just because your pet deserves more)
  13. Rooms By You-co-created bedding and soft goods (home décor customized on demand)
  14. Lindgolf-co-created golf clubs and bags (golf clubs for performance and looks)
  15. Artaic-co-created mosaics (build your own art by uploading the photos you love)
  16. Melboteri-co-created handbags (select the style, components, and color of each handbag)
  17. Indidenim-co-created jeans (jeans designed with your preferences in mind and made to measure)
  18. Kidlandia-co-created home decor and puzzles (from dozens of designs, your personalized creations make memorable puzzles, wall décor, and other unique, high-quality gifts)
  19. Maguba-co-created clogs and women's sandals (style your footwear however you want!)
  20. Personalwine-co-created wines (personalize award winning wines with your unique label)
  21. Proper Cloth-co-created luxury dress shirts (for the guy that loves Egyptian cashmere and is a luxury buyer)
  22. Design A Tea-co-created tea blends (blend the teas with the proper proportions you prefer and personalize the packaging)
  23. Selve-co-created women's shoes and boots (choose your style, color, suedes, leather and lining)
  24. Open Runway- co-created women's shoes (still to be launched)

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