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= netBlazr is building a "network cooperative" of shared infrastructure.



"Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) pay the most and get the least for their Internet service. Even on the same city block, this “SMB premium” can approach 40x what a big company pays. Correspondingly, many SMB’s can’t justify the added data circuit required to make their online operations truly reliable. netBlazr provides affordable broadband to SMB’s that need additional bandwidth and/or want an independent second source.

netBlazr delivers secure, independent, alternate-source broadband to small and mid-size businesses. Our innovative wireless technology does an “end run” on Verizon & Comcast by bringing service through your office window. Our unique business model with its ultra-low cost structure enables us to offer basic broadband for FREE and premium services at a fraction of market rates. Our network coverage increases with each new member." (