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"Now, a company called BrightFarms is taking a similar approach to [[Rooftop Farming. In business since 2006 as a consultant to rooftop farmers, the company recently adopted a new business model. BrightFarms contracts with supermarkets to build, own and operate onsite greenhouses on store rooftops. There are no upfront costs for the retailers--just the obligation to purchase food grown hydroponically on store rooftops farms through long-term, fixed price contracts. BrightFarms has a policy of not announcing customers until its farms are delivering produce, but it has signed up eight supermarket chains as customers so far." (

BrightFarms writes:

"Retailers purchasing food grown on their premises completely disrupts the complicated and expensive food industry supply chain. It reduces transportation costs to almost zero--offsetting the higher upfront costs of greenhouse farming over conventional methods--and increases margins because the produce has a longer shelf life. It also lowers water, fertilizer, and other inputs by over 90%. And it gives consumers what they want: fresh, tasty, affordable produce. Most importantly, the model requires local labor to work, so it keeps and adds jobs in local communities."