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"Co-Society is the place where the smartest teams from the best companies of the world come together to re- invigorate themselves by combining their knowledge and experience.

Organisations of any size can belong to Co-Society, but all must share a common feature: a profile of innovative leadership within their sector. Each sector is represented by a single leading company, which means that at our hybrid events, held several times a year, the organisation can speak freely and transparently about any problems, and projects in which each company is involved.

The aim is for companies to share visions by going beyond typical inter-sector collaboration –testing concepts with professionals who work in other fields, and discovering ideas that would not surface in a sector-specific meeting.

Co-society’s specific objectives are to:

Set up circumstances so that teams of different sectors actively learn from the experiences of others: this project is not just about open innovation, but collaborative innovation.

Propose new management ideas and new products and services that are emerging around the world. Belonging to Co-Society means being constantly updated.

Proactively assist companies to combine their expertise and create new projects that would not be possible without a cross-agent as catalyst.

At each meeting (the melting pot) there is an opportunity to discover new input (new ideas, new systems, new knowledge) and time to connect with co-members.

Co-Society will have a strong international presence through local partners." (

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