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"The Green Guild Biodiesel Coop is a member-based, non-profit, social entrepreneurship venture that serves the community and environment through promoting and producing quality biodiesel fuel in the Washington DC metro area. We use biodiesel as a teaching tool to educate consumers, youth and the community about climate change, the energy crisis, and community solutions. We aim to demonstrate sustainability and harness the power of community by providing environmentally sustainable and equitable energy that empowers our community to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, mitigate its impact on the climate and environment, and strengthen the local economy.

Our Story:

The Green Guild Biodiesel Coop began as an idea and dream of two University of Maryland graduates, Andrea Calderon and Adam Schwartz in Fall 2007. Andrea and Adam soon met Dan Goodman, resident green entrepreneur at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and founder of Biodiesel University, a non-profit organization focused on educating students, teachers and consumers about renewable energy, environmental stewardship, and inspiring students to pursue careers in science and technology. In Spring 2008, the group began making community presentations in the Takoma Park and Riverdale Park communities of Maryland and began building a partnership with the Engaged University. Green Guild Biodiesel Coop officially launched in Summer 2008 with a bulk buying program with the goal of establishing 30 founding members. The group is currently constructing an off-the-grid fueling station in partnership with the University of Maryland at the Center for Educational Partnership in Riverdale. Efforts are underway to establish a biodiesel processing facility by Spring 2009. The biodiesel coop is comprised of and owned by biodiesel users and enthusiasts who join as members of the coop.

Our Name:

The name “Green Guild” connects the green movement of today with the age old traditions of cooperation and community. Guilds were a historic precursor to both trade unions and cooperatives, and serve as a reminder of a time when communities of people corked cooperatively to produce things to meet their own needs instead of merely consume them. In a time of rampant consumerism, diminishing community connections and global environmental crisis, the Green Guild seeks to educate and demonstrate community-scale renewable energy solutions." (