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"Here at Net Balance, we help clients accomplish their sustainability goals with a fresh, enthusiastic, and rigorous style that stems from our values and our deep experience.

Our approach to sustainability is simple – define the issues, identify risks and opportunities, and appropriately manage them as you would manage any other business operation. We bring this practical viewpoint to all of our sustainability services, and complement its simplicity with the extra care and commitment it takes to help your organisation successfully embed sustainability.

Net Balance aims to work with clients and employees who are serious in their attitudes and capacity to move towards a more sustainable business model for their own benefit, the economy, broader society and the environment. We do this by considering the following in our approach:

A client or employee should be genuinely interested in working with Net Balance and improving the sustainability of their business.

Accountability and transparency in the work we do is essential to maintaining the integrity and sustainability of our business.

We are committed to maintaining our integrity and independence and strive to ensure these values are always core to our approach to doing business.

We understand that these attributes are fundamental to achieving our mission and providing real value to our clients.

Our Vision

At Net Balance, we strive to step closer to achieving our vision with the work we do every day. Our vision is not an expression of what we are doing now, but where we aspire to be. It is an image of the future we seek to create.

Our vision is:

To be part of every organisation’s sustainability journey.

Net Balance makes major contributions to the progression towards a sustainable future in every organisation through Advice, Assurance, and Research.

Our Values

Net Balance’s values serve as the guiding principles to fulfil our vision to be part of every organisation’s sustainability journey. Our values have been formed to be inspiring, supportive and clear, so they shape individual behaviour in a corporate context, provide certainty and boundaries, and are unambiguous.

Be inspirational

Lead, innovate, commit, and speak out. Act with passion, energy, and commitment. Inspire positive change. Hold sustainability central to our personal philosophy.

Be collaborative

Share knowledge with colleagues, clients and partners. Act with professionalism and integrity. Respect alternative views. Smile often. Have fun and enjoyment in life and work. Treat clients as colleagues and colleagues as clients. Build strong relationships with an open heart.

Be informed

Manage by fact. Never stop learning. Build on our strengths and manage our weaknesses. Make time to research. Think critically about issues. Be clear and considered in our communication.

Be accountable

Deliver on commitments. Provide solutions. Take responsibility for actions. Actively help clients move from good to great. Seek ways to contribute to the creation of the right organisation, the right solutions, and the right future. Care about the outcome.

Be effective

Be efficient, organise our time and our commitments, manage risk, and seek real progress. Deliver value. Look for resourceful solutions, and believe that there’s always a better way to achieve positive change. Take responsibility for delivering quality."

More Information

See also: Net Balance Foundation

"We express our commitment to sustainability by operating a unique organisational structure in which we share our resources with the Net Balance Foundation.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit think tank specifically set up to undertake open-source sustainability research and provides services to small to medium enterprises, non-government organisations, not-for-profit groups, and industry and professional associations on a not-for-profit basis. In this way we seek to attain our vision to be part of every organisation’s sustainability journey. Our clients over the years have included Rugby SA, World Vision, Australian Conservation Foundation, Music Aviva, United Church of Australia Funds Management, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Environment Institute of Australia, and other SMEs and industry associations." (