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a Belgium-based company that designs and manufactures high end art, housewares, jewelry and other luxury items in-house. Materialise hires professional designers to create blueprints of stunning usable objects that users purchase from their web site; if customization is desired, customers work with the professional designer to alter basic design parameters such as the size or color of the object.

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See also: I Materialise

i.materialise [1] is an experimental spin-off from Materialise.

i.materialise is an on-line service that offers 3D printing services of custom designs made by consumers. Consumers first manufacture their own designs using Google Sketchup. They get an account on i.materialise follow a series of simple steps to turn their electronic blueprints into reality using the site’s easy pull-down menu selection of surface textures, colors and other design features. After customers select their design, i.materialise manufactures their design using 3D printers. (

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  2. Personal Manufacturing ; other Personal Manufacturing Companies