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provides easy, convenient and low-cost fabrication of custom parts via the web.

"Customers can design whatever part they need using emachineshop’s CAD tools. Once the electronic blueprint is complete, users get an instant quote and can order the part to be made in the material of their choice. Users have ordered toys, car parts, electronic devices, games and more. Industrial machine parts are sold at eMachineshop."


Like eMachineShop, Big Blue Saw offers users its own CAD tools so they can design wood, fabric, metal or plastic parts for prototypes and small project. Their web site describes the process as: 1) Create a design using the Big Blue Saw Designer or your favorite design software. 2) Upload your design to our website to get an instant price quote and to order. 3) We will ship you your custom metal, plastic, wood, or fabric object, typically within 3 business days.


a Belgium-based company that designs and manufactures high end art, housewares, jewelry and other luxury items in-house. Materialise hires professional designers to create blueprints of stunning usable objects that users purchase from their web site; if customization is desired, customers work with the professional designer to alter basic design parameters such as the size or color of the object.

i.materialise [1] is an experimental spin-off from Materialise.

i.materialise is an on-line service that offers 3D printing services of custom designs made by consumers. Consumers first manufacture their own designs using Google Sketchup. They get an account on i.materialise follow a series of simple steps to turn their electronic blueprints into reality using the site’s easy pull-down menu selection of surface textures, colors and other design features. After customers select their design, i.materialise manufactures their design using 3D printers.

  • Print23D – Pennsylvania, US.


Print23D offers 3D printing services for Fortune 500 companies to regular people who have CAD designs they’d like to try out. A small print job costs about $50 while a five or six inch square object may cost about $400 to 3D print. Print23D’s focus is on industrial and machine parts, not consumers and product designs.

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