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This is the comprehensive list of participants, in alphabetical order by last name, of the Economics Commons Conference 2013.

A as yet incomplete draft list of participants per country is available here

For a list of organizational affiliations, see here

If your name is missing, or for any change, write to michel at p2pfoundation dot net.


  • Nils Aguilar, Germany , French documentary filmmaker, transition researcher
  • Philippe Aigrain, France, free software, digital freedoms, commons writer, La Quadrature du Net
  • Nicole Alix, France , Secretary of the Board of the International Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs- Mont-Blanc Meetings
  • Alain Ambrosi, Canada ; documentary filmmaker Remix the Commons, represents Communautique
  • Yumin Ao, China - USA ; Adjunct professor in Chinese language and literature at George Mason University



  • Paolo Cacciari, Italy ; Journalist, previous council member of Venice and previous member of parliament in charge of the environment. Author of publications on degrowth and commons.
  • Rahul Chaturverdi, India; Senior Programme Officer at the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES)
  • Christin Chemnitz, Germany ; Head of Department International Agricultural Policy at the Heinrich Böll Foundation since 2007
  • Shun-Ling Chen, Taiwan/US ;dissertation: The Haunting Author in the Distribution of Ownership and Authority: An exploration through Collaborative Cultural Production.
  • Gino Cocchiaro, Italy ; lawyer with a South African based NGO named Natural Justice
  • Pat Conaty, UK ; fellow of new economics foundation and a research associate of Co-operatives UK
  • Daniel Constein, Germany ; founding member of Förderverein Wachstumswende e.V. and member of "Netzwerk Wachstumswende" - a German network and plattform for scientistist and practitioners working towards an economy and society beyond the growth paradigm
  • Chris Cook, UK ; Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies at University College London
  • Benjamin Coriat, France ; Professor of Economics at the University Paris 13
  • Vladimir Cvijanović, Croatia ; member of Group 22 (think tank dedicated to green/left progressive politics)


  • GiacomO D’Alisa; Italy/Spain , Research fellow at the Institute of Science and Environmental Technology (ICTA) of Autonomous University Barcelona
  • Daniel Dahm, Germany ; Executive Director of Ethical-Ecological Rating at Goethe-University
  • Brian Davey, UK ; Feasta
  • Philipp Degens, Germany ; Phd student and research fellow in the Department for Cooperative Studies at the University of Cologne
  • Daniel Dietrich, Germany ; Chairman of the German Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Danijela Dolenec, Croatia ; University of Zagreb, teaching comparative politics and social science methodology


  • Kai Ehlers, Germany ; focuses on political, economic and cultural developments in the post-soviet area.
  • Jan Engelmann , Germany ; Head of Department Politics and Society at Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.


  • Rick Falkvinge, Sweden ; Founder of the first Pirate Party
  • Joshua Farley, US ; Ecological economist and Associate Professor in Community Development & Applied Economics and Public Administration at the University of Vermont
  • Tommaso Fattori, Italy ; leader of the Water Commons movement in Italy
  • Helene Finidori, France/Spain ; founding member of the Commons Abundance Network
  • Marco Fioretti, Italy ; free software activist and educator
  • Tim Flitcroft, UK ; Economics Working group in Occupy London
  • Gary Flomenhoft, US ; Fellow at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics and Research Associate/Lecturer Rubenstein School for Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont
  • Juan Freire, Spain ; Director of Innovation at Barrabés Next (consulting firm specialized in organizational transformation and innovation)
  • Birte Friebel, Germany ; studying Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology at Frankfurt University
  • Lili Fuhr, Germany ; Head of department Ecology and Sustainable Development at the Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Mayo Fuster Morell Spain & USA ; digital commoner and research on commons; Berkman center fellow


  • Julia Gechter, Germany ; Film maker, producer of the short documentary ‘Commons - the principle of sharing’.
  • Nikolay Georgiev, Germany/Bulgaria; Organizational developer of Open Source Ecology Germany
  • Jonathan Gordon-Farleigh, UK ; director of STIR, a community, co-operative, and commons-orientated magazine.
  • Neal Gorenflo, US ; Co-founder and publisher of Shareable Magazine, a nonprofit online magazine about sharing.
  • Eli Gothill, UK ; expert in alternative currencies
  • Daniela Gottschlich, Germany; political scientist at Leuphana University in Lüneburg,
  • Volker Grassmuck, Germany ; Sociologist and media researcher at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg
  • Silija Graupe, Germany; Assistant professor philosophy and economics at the Institute for philosophical and aesthetic education of the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Bernardo Gutiérrez, Brazil /Spain ; CEO and Founder of Futura Media, a glocal innovation network around openness settled in São Paulo (Brazil).


  • Friederike Habermann, Germany ; Economist and historian, author and self-employed scientist. She works on intersectionality, global social movements and alternative economic systems.
  • Dorethea Haerlin, Germany ; founding member of GiB (Gemeingut in BürgerInnenhand = Commons in citizen's hands) and member of the European Water Movement.
  • Gwendolyn Hallsmith, US ; Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Montpelier, Founder and former Executive Director of Global Community Initiatives
  • Kevin Hansen, US ; Independent filmmaker, environmental activist and geophysicist working on a feature documentary about the Commons
  • Samer Hassan, Spain/Lebanon ; Activist, researcher and Assistant Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Co-founder of the
  • Hermann Hatzfeldt, Germany ; Forester, author on environmental politics and forest decline, Board member of the HKH Foundation.
  • Johannes Heimrath, Germany ; Editor and author of ‘Post-collapse society’
  • Silke Helfrich, Germany; co-founder of the Commons Strategies Group
  • Wolfgang Hoeschele, US/Germany ; Published "The Economics of Abundance" in 2010. Now engaged in the Commons Abundance Network, [1]
  • Santiago Hoerth, Ecuador ; founder and coordinator of the latinamerican collective Código Sur (


  • Franco Iacomella, Argentina
  • Christian Iaione, Italy ; Editor-in-chief of He has published articles in the field of public and administrative law, urban commons, urban planning and land use law


  • Joe Justice, US ; Team Lead of WIKISPEED; a crowd-funded and crowd-sourced road-legal car company


  • Gregor Kaiser, Germany, Activist against biopiracy and gene technology. Phd dissertation title: ‘Propriety and the Commons. Genetic resources and the quest for alternatives to intellectual propriety’.
  • Theodoros Karyotis, Greece ; Sociologist, translator and activist participating in social movements that promote self-management, solidarity economy and defence of the commons.
  • Margrit Kennedy, Germany ; author of Interest and Inflation Free Money - Creating an exchange medium that works for everybody and protects the earth'. [2]
  • Miriam Kennet, UK ; CEO, director and co-founder of the Green Economics Institute.
  • Justin Kenrick, UK ; works with the Forest Peoples Programme to support Forest Peoples in Africa secure their rights, and also for local community resilience initiative in Scotland
  • Effrosyni Koutsouti, Anthropologist, vice-president of the Documentation and Research Center of Ikaria and president of the Women's Cooperative of Katafygi.
  • Brigitte Kratzwald Austria, Social scientist and commons activist,
  • Nicolas Krausz, France ; Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation
  • Gaelle Krikorian, France ; Leader of a working group on Access to Knowledge, i.e. Accès aux Savoirs, in Paris, France.


  • Edgardo Lander, Venezuela
  • Zofia Lapniewska, Poland ; lecturer & Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
  • Holger Lauinger, Germany ; Journalist writing about urban and regional planning, articles include ‘Reclaim the Commons’,
  • Heike Löschmann, Germany ; Heinrich Boll Foundation ; head of department for International Politics ; lead person for the Foundation´s programmatic work on the Commons


  • Jorge Machado, Brazil ; coordinator of GPOPAI (Research Group in Public Policy on Access to Information.
  • Ugo Mattei, Italy, legal scholar with commons focus
  • David MacBryde, USA, participatory publishing
  • Iva Marcetic, Croatia
  • Tadzia Maya, Brazil ; part of two collectives: the School of the Rain Forest (, where TM coordinates the Free Seeds House and also in i-Motiro, cultural association connected to free software.
  • Smári McCarthy, Iceland) ; Executive Director at Internaitonal modern Media Institute (IMMI), a co-founder of the Icelandic Digital Freedoms Society
  • Tomislav Medak, Croatia ; organizes theory and publishing activities for Multimedia Institute/MAMA, project lead of Creative Commons Croatia, and activist of Right to the City Zagreb
  • Armin Medosch, Austria ; Artist, curator and writer working in media art and network culture. He has been founding editor of the award winning international online magazine Telepolis.
  • Nicolás Mendoza, Colombia ; Collaborator of the P2P Foundation and co-author of the Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy report. Editorial board of Bitcoin Magazine.
  • Stefan Meretz, Germany, co-founder of the blog
  • Carl Middleton, Thailand ; Lecturer on the International Development Studies Program, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University ; focus on environmental justice, the political ecology of water and energy resources, and sharing local and trans-boundary commons.
  • Glyn Moody, UK, digital rights activist
  • Camila Moreno, Colombia ; Creative Commons and IP legal expert
  • Christa Müller, Germany ; Sociologist and director of the Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis. She researches and publishes about sustainable lifestyles, urban gardening and sustainable concepts of welfare.
  • Tara Mulqueen, UK ; Phd student at Birbeck University of London. Her dissertation title is: Co-operation and Social economy in Critical perspective.



  • Andrew Paterson, Scotland / Finland ; artist-organizer, outreach & education coordinator at Pixelache, also researcher into relations between contemporary and traditional nordic-baltic commons practices
  • Jukka Peltokoski, Finland ; Educational producer and political researcher KSL Civic Association for Adult Learning.
  • Walter Pengue, Argentina ; economist. Agricultural engineer with focus on evaluation of environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the implementation of new technologies.
  • Elizabeth Peredo, Bolivia ; Executive Director of Solon Foundation based in La Paz and works on water, economy, culture and feminist issues."
  • George Pór, UK ; Co-Director of the School of Commoning
  • Denis Postle, UK ; advocates of Psycommons, research ‘with’ people in therapy and peer2peer group structures. Participant in the Independent Practitioners Network (IPN)


  • Eva Ressel ,Germany ; freelancing facilitator, consultant, process coach, action researcher of transition projects and team member of Impuls - Agency for Applied Utopia [3].
  • Nancy Roof, US ; Founder of "Kosmos Journal: The Journal for World Citizens Creating the New Civilization" in consultative status with the United Nations.
  • Richard Rosen, US ; Executive Vice-President and a founding member of Tellus Institute (research and policy organization working towards a sustainable, just, and livable global civilization).
  • Alain Ruche , Belgium ; EU offical working on strategic issues with the Secretary General of the EU External Service. Concerned with actions inspired with new ideas and out of the box thinking.


  • Wolfgang Sachs, Germany ; Senior Research Fellow at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
  • Hendro Sangkoyo, Indonesia ; Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, cofounder and principal researcher at the School of Democratic Economics
  • Angélica Schenerock, Mexico ; Coordinator at Agua y Vida: Mujeres, Derechos y Ambiente AC.
  • Gerhard Scherhorn, Germany ; Consultant at the Wuppertal Institute, former head of the working group ‘New models of wealth’ and ‘Sustainable production and consumption’
  • Thomas Schlechte, Germany ; Economist. Freelancer at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (Research Group: Sustainable Production and Consumption)
  • Ludwig Schuster, Germany ; German Open Money advocate, with particular interest in Monetary Regionalisation and energy-backed currencies
  • Siegfried Schroeder, Germany ; Political scientist. Director of East African Regional Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Dar es Salaam
  • Orsan Senalp, Netherlands / Turkey ; social movement and labour activist, promotes P2P-oriented Social Network Unionism
  • Stefano Serafini, Italy ; Co-founder, secretary-general, and research director at the International Society of Biourbanism. Managing editor of Journal of Biourbanism.
  • Anna Seravalli, Italy ; Design researcher with a background in industrial and service design based at MEDEA Malmö Unversity where she is part of the Malmö Living Labs
  • Christian Siefkes, Germany ; Freelance software engineer and author with research interest in the emancipatory potential of free software, open hardware, and other forms of commons-based peer production, Co-founder and blogger on
  • Anne Snick, Belgium ; Department Coordinator in the Flora Network of Expertise on Gender, Sustainability and Interconnected Economics. Her research interests are gender, commons-based peer-production and systems thinking.
  • Pablo Solon, Bolivia/Thailand ; Executive Director of Focus on the Global South.
  • Gustavo Soto, Bolivia ; Writer and consultant in the domain of indigenous rights, national director of Centro de Estudios Aplicados a los Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales (CEADESC)
  • Felix Stalder, Switzerland ; Lecturer at the Insitute for Contemporary Art Research at the Zurich University of Arts with a focus on media economics and co-founder of Openflows (an international open source research and development network).
  • Ulrich Steinvorth, Germany ; Philosopher and chair at Bilkent University in Ankara, professor of philosophy at the University of Hamburg.
  • Frederic Sultan, France ; coordinator of Remix the Commons
  • Maristella Svampa, Argentina ; coordinator of the Group of Critical Studies of the Development and member of collectives ‘Plataforma 2012’.
  • Talha Syed, US ; research focuses on political philosophy, normative analysis of copyright, commons-based approaches to resource management, and patents and alternative innovation policies for pharmaceuticals.


  • Jia Lyng Tang, Germany ; Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS Potsdam). Coordinator in Berlin of the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI Commons)
  • Wouter Tebbens, Netherlands ; president of the Free Knowledge Institute and Free Technology Academy ; co-founded the Escuela de los Commons in Barcelona
  • Hans Thie, Germany ;Advisor on economic policy for DIE LINKE (Left Party) in the German Bundestag, specializes in renewable energy transition
  • Benjamin Tincq, France, co-founder and Global Connector for Ouishare
  • Tero Toivanen, Finland ; researcher into the political economy of the commons, co-founder of
  • Alan Toner, Israel ; IP researcher and free culture activist
  • Antje Tönnis, Germany ; Public relations manager at GLS Treuhand (umbrella organisation for individuals and institutions working on giving money for the common good),
  • Stefan Tuschen, Germany ; researcher for Bread for the World - Protestant Development Service, sustainable Germany project



  • Christophe Vaillant, Germany ; Designer and Hacktivist, Co-Initiator of Makerspace „Open Design City“ in Berlin.
  • Filippo Valguarnera, Sweden/Italy ; co-leader of a research project on access to commons in the frame of the Common Core of European Private Law.
  • Ruby Van der Wekken, Finland ; co-founder of Stadin Aikapankki (members exchange services on the basis of time) and member of
  • Nikola Vrdoljak, Croatia ; member of Group 22 (think tank dedicated to green/left progressive politics).
  • Roberto Verzola, Philippines ; coordinates the rice farming network SRI-Pilipinas and the Philippine election watchdog Halalang Marangal, actively participates in the international CopySouth Research Group, and is currently writing a book on the political economy of abundance.


  • Jay Walljasper, USA ; editor of ‘All That We Share A Field Guide to the Commons’, editor of Commons Magazine
  • Hilary Wainwright, co-founder and chief editor of Red Pepper magazine
  • Tom Walker, Canada ; Instructor in the Labour Studies Program at Simon Fraser University ; Author of "Time on the Ledger: Social Accounting for the 'Good Society'"
  • Chris Watkins, Australia ; Co-developer of the wiki website which collects collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology and poverty reduction.
  • Andreas Weber, Germany ; a Berlin based book and mgazine writer ; proposing to understand organsims as subjects and hence the biosphere as a meaning-creating and poetic reality
  • Gerd Wessling, Germany , helping to bring the Transition model to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Burns Weston, USA ; legal scholar, Senior Scholar at the UI Center for Human Rights, Co-director of the Commons Law project, co-author of ‘Green Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights, and the Law of the Commons’
  • Susan Witt, USA ; Executive Director of the Schumacher Center for a New Economics


  • Raul Zelik, Germany ; Associated professor for Political Science at the National University of Colombia in Medellín ; author of ‘Vermessung der Utopie’ (with Elmar Altvater), ‘Nach dem Kapitalismus. Perspektiven der Emanzipation‘. [4]

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