Adama Dembélé

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- February 2012: Elected President of the Coordination of Associations and ICT Club in Mali (CACTIC),

- December 2011: Participation in Action for Global Information Share (AGIS) in Addis Ababa, on “the place of African national languages in cyberspace”

- October 2011: Elected Secretary General of the Network for Eduction and Research in Mali-MaliREN (national representation of the West African Network WACREN)

- July 2011: participation in Libre Software Meeting (RMLLs) Strasbourg (France)

- February 2011: Participation in the Forum “Mondial Sciences Démocratie” in Dakar (Sénégal), speaker on the “knowledge commons” topic

- December 2010:

o Co-organizer of the international forum "InnovAfrica 2010" in Bamako, in partnership with the National Employment Agency, the network FING and the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF)

o Organizer of the Meeting of the African Network of Free Software (RALL) with funding from the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF)

o Elected President of RALL with 100% of votes

o Organizer of an international workshop on localization in African national languages of free software, in collaboration with ANLoc (African Network for Localization)

- July 2010: participation in Libre Software Meeting (RMLLs) to Bordeaux (France)

- June 2009: participation in Libre Software Meeting (RMLLs) to Nantes (France)

- June 2008: organizer and speaker at a conference in Bamako on free software.

- November 2007: Participation in African Meeting on Free Software (RALL 2007) in Rabat, Morocco

- October 2004: Speaker at the seminar organized by IICD in Bamako, on the theme: WIFI technology applications, case of Mali