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= a Swedish ECC2013 Participant


"Anna Seravalli ([email protected]): I am a design researcher based at MEDEA Malmö University (Sweden). My work focuses on how commons-based organizations could be used as a platform for prototyping alternative ways of generating goods and delivering services. My research is based on a long-term involvement in Fabriken, a maker-space in Malmö. I am looking forward for ECC to discuss possibilities and limits of commons-based organizations and commons-based production."

long bio:

"Anna Seravalli ([email protected]): I am a design researcher with a background in industrial and service design. I am based at MEDEA Malmö University (Sweden) where I am part of the Malmö Living Labs. By involving diverse stakeholders in the city (citizens, companies, NGOs, civil servants) the labs experiment with the possibility of a wider participation in the production processes of goods and public services. Specifically, my work is based on the long-term involvement in the setting up and running of Living Lab Fabriken, a maker-space: a public workshop where, through shared tools and skills, diverse forms of production are opened up and explored.

In my research, I am accounting for the different production practices emerging in the space (do-it-yourself, crafts, commons-based production, small-scale production, symbiotic production) trying to understand how they could represent seeds for a more socially and environmentally sustainable production system. I am also focusing on Fabriken as an example of commons-based organization, where participants are sharing tools, facilities and knowledge, as well as being involved in the management of the space. I am interested in deepening how commons-based patterns in production and organizations could support the emergence of a more resilient society and what kind of design strategies and tactics can be put in place for their development."


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