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= For a peer to peer, transnational, common, grassroots, and hyperempowered labour class movement [1]


Orsan Senalp:

"Social Network Unionism project is not only about theorising the recent developments in P2P technology and the phenomenon called Web 2.0 and conceptualising the transformatory impact these technical developments on national and international trade unions and labour movement in general.

Besides developing the conceptof SNU, by looking closely to the existing practices within and without established unions and labour organisations, the project aims also at promoting a new type of working class organisation that takes online and real world social, peer to peer, networking principles into the core of its exisitance.

The idea is based on the premise that the developement in the mentioned communication and media technology since 2004 onwards, has created new organisational capacities for networks. There are already astonishing experiements taking place, from whose succeses and failures we can learn a lot and upon them we can build new models; not only to grow and fight back better, but also to form stronger alliances and start building new social, economic and political norms and cultures bottom up.

Based on these insights our objective is to explore further on the potential of SNU through this blog. Its capacity, in terms of reaching unorganisible, activating organised rank and file, making direct democracy a reality, and bridging as much transformatory social forces as possible." (


"One of the Blog’s aims is to map the entire universe of experiments that are currently at work and in this way to provide an overview of the phenomena.

Below is the list in progress:

Netzwerk IT (most close example to SNU concept):


Organizing 2.0:

New Unionism Network:

Link to New Unionism Network’s delicious bookmarks:

La Red Vida:

Labor Network for Sustainability:

Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers:!/pages/Commission-for-Filipino-Migrant-Workers/274990783209


More Information

  1. Blog at
  2. GAIA
  3. Social Network Unionism Strategies in Europe