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= GAIA (Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration) is about inventing a world wide, wiki, common, grassroots social movement union against capitalism



"GAIA is open to every working people, all wage earners can join and contribute to this space based on union fellowship, peerage,

GAIA as an organised network will be formed and reformed by its fellows, every stone of her will be built collectively,

Structured online and offline distributed social networking will be working principle of GAIA

GAIA adopts P2P approach as its internal relational dynamic as well as towards external individuals, other networks, organisations, and organised networks." (


Goals: What do we want to achieve?

"We want to unite all the progressive and revolutionary forces around the world by networking among and through them,

We want to realize an immediate systemic alteration of capitalist social, economic, cultural and political norms,

We wan to de-commodify ficticous goods as money, land, labour, genes, and human intellect,

We want to establish new ethics for the new politics,

We want to realize global justıce and solidairty,

We want to contribute to trade union revival process; we want to create a new vision for trade union movement, by realizing geniune labor-new social movement solidairty on equal terms,

We wish for the abolition of the nation state and the abolition of all monetary units, creating a free world by ridding ourselves of the structures that seperate us.

Urgent Demands & Campaign issues

We want taxing capital, not workers and their families, in order to pay for the cost of the global crisis,

We want to abolish foriegn debts of the 3rd world / developing countries,

We want immediate stop of social cuts globally,

We want to establish 6 hours work day and 30 hours work week for all workers, without any decrease in exisiting wages,

We want immediate abolution of child labour and all other forms of forced labour, human trafficing globally,

We want to stop every kind of oppression and discrinmination based on race, gender and sexual preference,

We want abolition of intellectual propoerity rights, patents over genes, ownership on natural resources, rivers, lakes and costal lines,

We want to see immediate mesurement taken targeting zero-carbon world,

We want ending all military occupations, abolition of all foreign miliraty bases, and nuclear arsenals,

We want keeping internet free and common information source for all,

We want recognition of immigrants and domestic workers as workers globally,

We want to keep water, education, healt, energy, telecommunication, transporation public,

We want free ublicly maintaned social security for all,

We want to a global minimum wage,

We want full transparency on corporate lobbying over national and local decision making, and on foreign doplomacy between state elites,

We want to open all decision making processes for citizens, workers, consumers participation globally.


Online and realworld organisnig, starting from our friends and family, and their friends and families, from social networking sites to real world localities and shopfloors,

Online and real worl traning and exchange,

Srike and direct action of any kind, industrial, consumer targeted campaigns, creative media and other forms of activism,

Organising a world wide protest/strike/direct action day on the 11 November 2011 at 11:11am, with refernace to Marx’s 11th thesis: “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.” in order to give visibility to and realize our urgent demands." (