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Tero Toivanen (born 1980) is teacher, independent researcher and co-founder of the Commons.fi (http://www.commons.fi/) online magazine. Currently he is working on his PhD thesis at the University of Helsinki on Department of Political and Economic Studies. His thesis explores the sociological and historical theories of the origin of capitalism and the possibilities that these theories gives for analyzing the meaning of the commons in contemporary state of world politics.

Toivanen has also a great interest on theorizing political economy of the commons based on re-readings of the work of classical political economist from Smith to Marx. Previously Toivanen has written on such themes as the ideological relation between western Marxism and Russian Bolshevism, precarisation of labor and radical pedagogy (mainly in Finnish).

More Information

  1. Twitter: @TTToivanen
  2. mail: tero.tapio.toivanen(at)gmail.com
  3. Site: http://www.commons.fi