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Gerd Wessling is physicist by training with 15+ year experience in international Internet- & Mobile-Projects and -Companies as well as extensive interests and contacts to ecological and philosophical issues and organizations.

The last 10 years he was involved in institutions and organizations as diverse as Auroville (India), Schumacher College (UK) and the Transition Network (UK and Germany). Since 2008 he is involved in helping bring the Transition model to Germany, Austria and Switzerland; is a frequent visitor to Totnes & the Schumacher college (as facilitator), is a certified Transition Trainer (1/2 day workshops about the Transition model in English & German), an often sought after speaker about Transition & related issues, founding member of the emerging Transition Germany hub, founding member of the PFI (Post-Fossil-Institute) and founding member of Transition Town Bielefeld.

He lives with his family in Bielefeld/Germany.

Organsations / Links:


Founded in 2006; the transition movement started in Totnes / UK with a small group of friends (amongst them Rob Hopkins, Naresh Giangrange, Sophy Banks, Ben Brangwyn) and has since than spread globally; with more than 330 "official" Transition initiatives worldwide and many thousand more considering becoming one.

Switzerland and all others interested applying & adapting the Transition model to German-speaking cultures)


Founded in 2009; this emerging hub for the German-speaking countries acts as an actively used web-platform to bring all those German-speaking active & interested in Transition together.

URL = (German; for Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Also: (English; for UK and international)

More Information

Rob Hopkins Blog about Transition (English; highly recommended)

Transition & Commons:

"The commons concept plays a vital role in the Transition model; both on the physical as well as the intellectual and IP level (Software etc.).

As a representative of the global Transition movement Gerd Wessling will try to bring some of those ideas into the conference and is likewise very much looking forward to feed back the expertise of all the other conference members into the Transition network."