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Nils Aguilar is a young French documentary filmmaker with a background as a trained sociologist. An early awareness of accelerating soil erosion and global food insecurity strengthened Nils' mission to use the film medium in order to reach a broader audience and to inspire immediate action. His first film "Voices of Transition" is an awarded documentary feature aiming to serve socio-ecological movements and to facilitate the launch of new transition initiatives.

Large bio:

Nils Aguilar (*1980) is a French documentary filmmaker with a background as a trained sociologist. During his university studies (psychology, sociology and philosophy) in Paris he started working on the direction and production of the crowdfunded documentary "Voices of Transition" (F/D 2012, 65 min). The film alerts on increasing food insecurity and showcases solutions inspired by the transition town movement and the Cuban "revolution" toward a postcarbon, ecological agriculture. It is conceptualised as an inspirational tool to serve the socio-ecological movements worldwide and to help launch new transition initiatives. Numerous educational follow-up projects and "multiplication workshops" are currently being planned. Nils is today working in a "Think-and-Do-Collective" in Berlin, which brings together direct action, communication and transition research.


work title: director & producer "Voices of Transition", transition researcher

institutional affiliations: president & founder of the French association "Milpafilms", founding member of the association "Wachstumswende e.V."

location: Sinnwerkstatt Berlin, Oranienstr. 183, 10999 Berlin.


projects: film "Voices of Transition"

writings: Book "Wirtschaft ohne Wachstum?", including interview with Nils Aguilar (CC, free for download)